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On July 1, 2015 all of the regional branches of Rainbow Ltd featured an event: sales agents of two teams have started their field work – one working with the Mondelez brands and the other with the brands of Jacobs.

On May 27-29, 2015 the team of APPLECity Distributors managers has taken part in the annual P&G distributor operations forum in Moscow (Russia).

APPLECity Company took an active part in the event "Memory is stronger than time", devoted to the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War and the World Day of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

On the week commencing April 19th, the ACD company held an annual assessment of the GDA system (Global Distributor Assessment)

In the company Apple City the competition “Best employee in 2014” has been successfully completed.

Our Partner
General Service Company

General Service Company

General Service Company (GSC) –specialized provider of the full range of logistical services.

Main activities
Service-oriented logistics aimed at warehouse processes integration with the customer’s business processes in areas of safekeeping, handling, product manipulation and transporting of advertising materials.

Warehouse processes
Inbound shipments

  • In bound shipments warehouse planning
  • Order generation for product acceptance and warehouse storage
  • Inbound product documents processing

Cargo storage

  • Designation of warehouse space for inbound products with regard to a number of product characteristics
  • Palette storage
  • Mixed storage

Order picking and release

  • Order picking
  • Re-packaging
  • Order delivery management when several orders are delivered in one vehicle
  • Order picking quality control / assurance
  • Order picking and release using rounded quantity

Product adaptation based on customer requirements

  • Bundle packing of several units of the same type of product
  • Bundle packing of various types of products into one unit
  • Promo-packs picking
  • Product re-packing
  • Product stickering and marking
  • Sorting and selection
  • Disposal

Customs formalities handling
The company offers series of services to provide customs registration and escorts of shipments.

Transport services
The company offers transport services for air cargo shipment and truck shipments around Kazakhstan as well as local delivery services in the cities of Kazakhstan.

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