The APPLECity company is interested in hiring professional and talented specialists.

Stable growth of the company will not be real without a strong team. For creating comfortable and effective corporative culture, the Company invests money in education and promotion of its employees. Our employees are determined and active people, ready to develop their skills and use innovative technologies in work to become a team of like-minded people that work on the realization of a common task.

The company attracts, rates, gifts, and promotes career growth of its employees, based on their achievements, professionalism and individual success.

The APPLECity company has a system of non-stop education of employees based on the following target programs:

Leadership skills:

All three are long-term programs based on the development of leadership skills. Education is conducted by Kazakh and foreign business coaches. The main goal of this course is to improve one’s strategic thinking, decision making skills, pro-active thinking and innovativeness, and increasing effective communication/cooperation skills.

Functional Skills:

SALES ACADEMY- inner online and offline training of staff directed to increase their level of knowledge in strategies and tools of sales, business analysis and planning

Individual Training- directed to development of skills and competency of separate groups of staff based on their priorities in education

Onboarding- Adaptation training for all of the new staff.


APPLECity Campus- is a program, in which some employers volunteer to be trainers with the purpose of development of inner education.

E-Learning- Online learning system for increasing competency of staff on all levels of posts.

Once you become a part of our team, you will be able to use all the resources the company provides you for your own development!

We cannot wait for energetic, professional, young people aimed at the result to join us!

To become a part of our team send your job application at