About company

We create and increase values for our consumers and clients, by providing them with products and services of high quality, contributing to the development and prosperity of society.

We begin the countdown of our actions from 1996. In fact, that is when the distribution of P&G products began.

In 1998, the company signed a cooperation agreement with a global company that specializes in production of shaving products-Gillette, becoming its official distributor in Kazakhstan.

In 2002, after reorganizing the commercial holding, the company became an independent legal entity, and continued working with P&G and Gillette contracts and preserving its governance. Through gaining its independence, the company started a new page in its history and its way of development.

In 2003 and 2004, company’s governance grew with more employees, which were former executives from P&G departments in Caucasus and Central Asia

Following those changes, noting the growth of abilities and working success in the company, P&G made a decision to transfer the entire territory of Kirgizstan republic in the exclusive distribution coverage of Apple City. In this way, by the end of 2004, a new business unit of the APPLECity Holding, APPLECity International, was created, with its head in the city of Bishkek.