About company

We create and increase values for our consumers and clients, by providing them with products and services of high quality, contributing to the development and prosperity of society.

We begin the countdown of our actions from 1996. In fact, that is when the distribution of P&G products began.

In 1998, the company signed a cooperation agreement with a global company that specializes in production of shaving products-Gillette, becoming its official distributor in Kazakhstan.

In 2002, after reorganizing the commercial holding, the company became an independent legal entity, and continued working with P&G and Gillette contracts and preserving its governance. Through gaining its independence, the company started a new page in its history and its way of development.

In 2003 and 2004, company’s governance grew with more employees, which were former executives from P&G departments in Caucasus and Central Asia

Following those changes, noting the growth of abilities and working success in the company, P&G made a decision to transfer the entire territory of Kirgizstan republic in the exclusive distribution coverage of Apple City. In this way, by the end of 2004, a new business unit of the APPLECity Holding, APPLECity International, was created, with its head in the city of Bishkek.


Mission of APPLECity

We create and increase values for our consumers and clients, by providing them with products and services of high quality, contributing to the development and prosperity of society.

Vision of APPLECity

APPLECity will be a highly effective, progressive international company, leading in the market of products and services, and focusing as much as possible on our consumers and clients.

Values of APPLECity


  • We apply new ways of solving routine tasks, since it is the key self-development and the progress of the company;
  • We can cross the borders of the ordinary, go beyond what is considered traditional, and embody our ideas;
  • We are open to new ideas, since they can become the new opportunity for the whole company;


  • Professionalism – is the main key to success in our company;
  • We strive to constantly increase our knowledge and skills in the sphere of professional activities;
  • We expect that every employee of the company will constantly work on his/her mastery skills and self-development;
  • We learn and teach others;


  • Leadership – is a trait valuable to all employees of the company, and not only is head governance;
  • We can clearly see where we are going and where we concentrate our efforts for moving forward;
  • We always rate our work, and are not afraid to modify it, going above and beyond out traditional working processes;
  • Changing and improving is a constant process for us;
  • We look for possibilities to influence any situation, overcome barriers, and reach success in set goals;


  • We reach success by working in a team;
  • We adhere the principals of trust, respect, and care for each one of us;
  • We solve conflicts in a constructive manner;
  • We solve problems as a team;


  • We are responsible for the final result of our actions;
  • We understand that the success of the company depends on the master’s attitude to the task, the discipline of each one of us;


  • We adhere to the principals of professional ethics in business;
  • We treat those around us with justice and honesty;
  • We finish tasks we took upon ourselves in time;
  • We make decisions based on facts;
  • Out main criteria for making decisions and actions are the interests of business in our company.

Business ethics of APPLECity

Running a business with adhering ethic norms is an essential element in long-term success. The basics for running our company are – our mission, vision, and values, with legal provisions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the Republic of Kazakhstan. The employees of the company adhere to legal regulations and inner set of rules of APPLECity, which include honesty, objectiveness, and correctness in actions. 


APPLECity lead distribution business Procter&Gamble, Mondelēz International, and Jacobs Douwe Egberts, in all large cities of Kazakhstan, and is the exclusive distributor of P&G in on the entire territory of Kirgizstan.

Main dates of APPLECity LLC
P&G Distribution-Almaty, South, Central areas

Beginning of the distribution 

January, 1996 


Beginning of the distribution



Beginning of the distribution


P&G Kyrgyzstan

APPLECity International


Intergrading the brands of Wella and Londa with P&G 


Beginning of distribution of P&G on a new region – Western Kazakhstan 

September, 2004 


Integrating business into ACD


Kraft Foods

Beginning of the distribution

October, 2008 

Rainbow Ltd.

Foundation of a distribution company for Kraft Foods 

September, 2010

Opening distributing logistics centers for P&G

Shymkent, Aktobe 


Dirol/ Cadbury

Beginning of the distribution

July, 2012

Obtaining the status of the National distributor of P&G in Kazakhstan 

November, 2014

Rainbow Ltd

Obtaining the status of the National distributor of Mondelēz International and Jacobs Douwe Egberts in Kazakhstan


Opening distributing logistics centers for P&G



Opening distributing logistics centers for P&G

Astana 2017

P&G Uzbekistan 

Wings Distribution Company 2018


APPLECity LLC- is a progressive international company, leading in the market of products and services, and satisfying the needs of its customers and clients.Key Strategies of the Company

  • Focusing on distribution in the sphere of common consumption goods (FMCG);
  • Employ, invest in development, teach and keep the best employers;
  • Become a highly effective and a leading company in spheres sales, distribution and cooperation with our clients through innovative competitive advantage;
  • Lead in development and usage of best competitive strategies of “Entering the market” for our partners;
  • Strengthening our Values and Principals, achieve competitive advantages.

Business Structure of the Company 

Key Competences of the Company

  • Distribution in the area of FMCG;
  • Management of the logistics processes;
  • Providing partners with a complete cycle of service;
  • Education and organized development;
  • Inner control and audit;
  • Management of projects;
  • Information Technologies

Management of the FMCG Distributions:

Currently, the company has more than 25000 clients on the territory of Kazakhstan. It effectively uses all possible sales channels: Pre-Selling (PS), OSDO, Van Selling (VS), Mix Selling (VS+PS), Rural-Selling, HoReCa, ‘Sub-D’, Freelance, Cash&Carry. Company’s FMCG profile covers non-consumable (Procter&Gamble) and consumable goods (Mondelēz International), with more than 1100 various product names. The organization counts more than 2700 employees. The main task of the staff is pro-active development of effective strategies of covering the market for our partners.

The entire sales team is provided with official vehicles, to increase the mobility of sales representatives and supervisors in the sales department.

Management of the Logistics

The company manages its warehouses in all of the large cities in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Currently, distributing logistic centers of A and B+ categories are present in Almaty, Shymkent, Aktobe, and Astana; they provide a complete logistic cycle for imported products (P&G, Mondelēz and JDE). For those purposes, the company uses targeted multilevel storage with the assist of a special program called Warehouse Management System (WMS).

The company counts more than 300 units of vans and trucks for delivering products to outlets. In addition, there are isothermal vans and refrigeration equipment for supporting special transporting conditions.

Forecasting Department

  • Sales history analysis; analyzing factors that affected misleads in forecasting; forecasting sales and shipping of upcoming periods, considering past and planned activities in various details (sales channels, clients, city, distribution center, week, month, year);
  • Agreements with Top-management and partners of future forecasting in sales and shipping;
  • Weekly control of completion of the sales plan and editing of further forecasts based on the reasons of former misleads for remaining the level of service and inventory at a target level;

Planning Department

  • Provision of inventory and determining the demand in resources based on forecasting sales and the dynamics of demand for completing targeted business goals of the company;
  • Supply Chain Assessment and analysis for optimality in currents market realities. Revision and the optimization of the inventory flow, considering reconciliation of key indicators and volatility;
  • Planning and control of incoming and outgoing transportation flows. Observing vehicle VFR levels in orders;
  • Planning and control of incoming and outgoing volumes of processed products of warehouse logistics;
  • High quality planning of shipment for timely management of financial flows of the company.

Key Client Service Department

  • Organizing, controlling, and modernizing processes of achieving maximum completeness of shipment for orders in time.
  • Creating clients development strategies through cooperation with the partner and the sales department.
  • Agreeing on and executing the Joint Business Plan, with the client.
  • Leading processes within the ACD organization for providing complete service to the clients.
  • Leading cooperative projects with clients for optimizing expenses and increasing effectiveness
  • Project on transferring clients to EDI (orders, PL, certificates, and logistic specifications)

Full cycle of service Provider:

Services the company provides:

  • Ordering, delivering, warehousing, and the distribution of promotional products (sales equipment and POSM).
  • Management of products, manipulating services (metrounits , banding, gift wrapping, mixed packs);
  • Labeling products (products, advertisement information etc)
  • Retail audit, provision of consolidated reports on sales for our partners (distribution information, access to promotional products, direct selling, competitors activities, etc.)

Strategic planning of the company

 Long term business planning is used to provide the whole company with efficient operations. The company uses a system of creating and implementing strategies in an OGSM format (Objectives, goals, strategies, measures). Identifying key performance indicators bases on the goals of the OGSM plan. A system of quality management – ISO 9001-2000 was implemented in 2007. Systematic research on clients’ satisfaction is provided on the whole territory since 2006. The company has created and agreed on a long term strategic development plan till 2020.

Organizational Development:

Selection of the candidates is conducted based on key competencies in the company. Rating procedure on working progress and career development is conducted on all middle managers until working class specialties, on a semi-annual basis.  Compensation and benefits system is calculated based on the research of expert data of the following companies: Ernst&Young, Watson Wyatt, and Mercer. Research on staffs satisfaction is conducted annually. A program of corporate training was created, and successfully executed by a team of inner trainers. Conferences for directors of different departments are organized semi-annually, and collages for sales supervisors are provided every year.

Inner control and audit:

The company has a department of inner control and audit which:

  • Monitors the processes of controlling the safety and the effectiveness of usage of resources in all Regional Representations;
  • Develops for procedure control;
  • Provides practical assist in formation and organization of accounting processes;
  • The aspects listed above help the company minimize risks for the business and minimize financial expenses.

Project Management:

Companies leading managers are taught project management (PMI accreditation), which allows them to achieve success in launching new directions, expanding territorial coverage, increasing the product package, and organizing and innovative changes.

Information Technologies

The company strives to automate its processes as much as possible, and use innovative technologies in all possible spheres:

  • Ordering through systems of mobile sales that possess large functionality (orders, merchandizing, questioning, setting/completing tasks, monitoring prices, organizing promotional events etc)
  • Contacting through online services with B2B clients;
  • Using electronic systems of document flow with clients;
  • Automatic synthesis of optimal routes for delivery and sales representatives, controlling routes, and online monitoring through GPS.
  • Using most developed systems for business-analysis and planning.
  • The IT-infrastructure of the company is highly centralized, and the usage of “cloud” solutions brings additional effectiveness and speed in the processes.

The EPR system of the company provided complete automation of its processes and relationships with clients:

  • Address storage system is used (WMS);
  • EDI process was implemented with leading retailers;
  • Exchanges of master data and data on sales with partners is fully automated.

The company has a single information space, granting 100% access to regional departments 100% of the time. The space possesses newest technological platforms – HP network hardware.